Marmelade Orange&Chocolate


Obtained only from top quality fresh oranges, dark chocolate and sugar, without the addition of dyes, preservatives, flavors or artificial jellies, only three ingredients to preserve all the flavor and aroma of this citrus fruit as fragrant as it is good for a long time. It has all the scent and taste of homemade jam. Spread on bread, for breakfast or snack, but also to fill cakes or enrich the dough of some desserts. It goes well with blue cheeses, gorgonzola or the more delicate goat cheese, to be enjoyed together with light and fragrant wines.

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Peso: 270 g

Ingredienti: Orange 70%, Sugar 30%, Dark Chocolate, Lemon juice

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Peso 0.270 kg

Fichi d’India 70%, Zucchero 30%, Succo di limone


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