Marmelade Extra Prickly pears


This fragrant jam is made with prickly pears grown in Roccabernarda. This extra prickly pear jam without Pectin, preservatives, dyes and gelling agents, contains all the natural sweetness of this fruit in a convenient 270g jar. It is a local variety, with yellow and red and green colors and a tasty sweet taste. Perfect not only for breakfast, snack, aperitif, but to accompany meats, cheeses, bruschetta, making pies and desserts. The prickly pear has significant beneficial properties: it moderates the appetite thanks to the presence of mucilage (soluble fibers); regulates the glycemic index, and therefore allows less fat accumulation; facilitates intestinal transit, fighting constipation and swelling.


Peso: 270 g

Ingredienti: Prickly pears 70%, Sugar 30%, Lemon Juice

Informazioni aggiuntive

Peso 0.270 kg

Fichi d’India 70%, Zucchero 30%, Succo di limone


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