Oil Athena 10lt


“Athena” organic extra virgin olive oil of superior category, born from the selection of olives from Roccabernarda in Calabria. Cold extracted, from organic farming, 100% Italian, it is characterized by very low acidity and rich in polyphenols. With a delicate flavor, it can sit on many dishes without losing the intensity of an exquisitely fruity scent. Of a bright green color with hints of spicy bitterness at the end, it is distinguished by a unique and refined taste.

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The main variety grown in the area is the Carolea 70%. The oil that comes from Carolea is characterized by a light-medium-intensity olive fruitiness, a well expressed bitter and spicy and an aftertaste that recalls almond and often apple. The intense aroma, the golden green color, the balanced flavor, characterize this oil with a medium intense fruity taste that denotes its origin and represents the pride of an agricultural land that has always been dedicated to quality.


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